Timeline of J. N. Darby's New Translation

There were various printings of the New Translation by J. N. Darby through the years. There were initially three editions of the New Testament before a complete Bible was published in 1890. Subsequent to that there was a revision in 1939, and finally a revision in 1961 of the 1939 revision. In recent years there as been an effort to make a "contemporary English" edition, but they have either not included footnote, or have no changes to the notes. Here's a brief timeline of the main editions of J. N. Darby's New Translation that we are familiar with. Please contact us with more details if you find any omissions or have more information on other printings!

1st Edition New Testament, Published by Morrish

2nd Edition New Testament, Published by Morrish

There were two volumes available:

  • Full notes - contained the translators full notes
  • Abbreviated notes - contained notes with alternate readings or where there was a deviation from the TR.
This edition is currently reprinted by GVB and readily available.

J. N. Darby passed away

Genesis - Joshua, Published as a single volume by Morrish

3rd Edition New Testament, Published by Morrish

The 3rd Edition included a revised introduction from the 2nd Edition.


Full Bible printed - 3rd Edition of New Testament, and finished Old Testament

The 3rd Edition New Testament was also printed in the USA by Loizeaux Bros. This edition is currently only available as a parallel Bible, along side the King James Version

4th Edition New Testament, Published by Morrish

This was a reprinting of the 3rd Edition.

Multiple reprint of NT and full Bible


A few examples of the textual changes:

  • Dot and sword added before God in place of footnote in Gen-Job.
  • Job 4:17 [] added around the word "mortal".
  • Leviticus 6 originaly started after ch. 5:26, this was moved to match the KJV Bible with ch. 6 beginning after ch. 5:19.
  • John. Dot removed from personal pronouns and italics added. Example John 1:16.
  • Acts 16:33, etc. Spelling of "baptized" consolidated to "baptised".
  • Hebrews 13:4. "But" from the last phrase changed to "for".
  • Revelation 21:6 and 22:13. The symbol (Omega) Ω was replaced with the word "Omega".
The notes were also changed:
  • References to original manuscripts generally removed, some transliteration remained.
  • New notes added by revisers.
  • Other notes removed, revised.

Multiple Reprints

Additional Revision

Example of textual changes:

  • "spirit" was changed to "Spirit" in multiple passages including Genesis 3:6, Job 26:13, Psalms 139:7, etc, Isaiah 11:2, etc, Ezekiel 1:12, etc.
  • John. Italics removed from most personal pronouns. Example John 1:16.
A fairly extensive revision of the notes was made with new notes added, some notes removed, and others revised.

Reprint of 1871 2nd Edition with Abbreviated Notes, by GBV

Contemporary English Edition, Published as Print-On-Demand by M. Vedder

Other Contemporary English printings by M. Vedder and GBV


Parallel KJV and JND Translation

In this Parallel KJV and JND Translation, two translations have been combined into one conveniently sized Bible. Includes full translator notes.


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